IOT & Firmware

Novizant is a leading embedded system & firmware development firm specializing in developing world-class embedded systems, along with a broad range of embedded firmware and so ware development services for startups, SMBs, and enterprise-level businesses.

Embedded Firmware Development

We work with high-level firmware and low-level firmware (ROM, OTP/PROM, & PLA structures), along with subsystems to power various embedded systems and programming components for all kinds of embedded devices.

Embedded Firmware Integrations

Our high-quality firmware integrations are compatible with microprocessors & hardware from companies like ARM, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Intel, Altera Design Services Network, Freescale, Marvell, NXP, RHOBH, and Texas Instruments.

Embedded Firmware Programming

We perform post-silicon validations, including chip bring-up, memory architecture optimization, and built-in/power-on self-tests (BIST/POST), along with BSP layer programming for board bring-up, boot loaders, and device drivers.

Embedded Design Services

Novizant develops, designs, and programs custom components & integrations for PCs, avionics, consumer electronics, IoT and M2M devices, semiconductors, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial automation robotics, drones, and many more.

Novizant’s embedded design services include:

MCU firmware design

Portable and wearable system optimization (performance tuning, power consumption, battery life, etc.

Embedded OS (Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, RTOSes, WinCE, AWS RTOS, RTKernal, VxWorks, OpenEmbedded/Yocto, etc.)

Embedded security services (cryptography, threat modeling, etc.)

Protocol stack porting and interfacing

Device driver and board support package (SBP) development

Quality control implementation, automation testing, and MCU-based testbeds

Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, implementation & protocol design (MQTT, DTLS, COAP, etc.)

Embedded verification & validation

Embedded app localization and globalization

Middleware & diagnostics

Wireless communication module integration (WiFi, Bluetooth Classic, BLE, UWB, Zigbee, ZWave, ISM, etc.)

Hardware and network communication protocols (Ethernet, LVDS, MIPI DSI/CSI, USART/UART 12C, etc.)

Embedded application development

Real-time porting of operating systems to target hardware platforms