Application Modernization

Applications Modernization

Apps Migration/Re-Platform

Migrating old legacy applications to the modern cloud native environment can be a very systematic and manageable project. The engagement needs upfront planning and dedication of the right resources, tools, frameworks, and processes.

The migrated applications provide for greater standardization, accessibility through responsive UI, greater scalability, along with the ability to do comprehensive reporting using standard commercial tools. Additionally, the applications provide Integrations with o365 Exchange along with the integrations with the company standardized authentication infrastructure leading to better sharing of information, collaboration and utilization of the resources within the organization.

There are a variety of other drivers that compel companies to evaluate migration of legacy application. As a result, the emergence of a number of tools to determine business value, cost analysis, facilitate design analysis and data movement between the two environments, etc. have created a new niche market for solutions in this space. In spite of the sophistication of some of these tools and the extensiveness of some recommended approaches, there are fundamental challenges which will invariably be discovered and that could rumple the high expectations surrounding migration.

At Novizant, we have established best practices in identifying these potential problem areas, providing a better method of determining complexity and/or cost of migration. Novizant’s proven processes and implementation strategy addresses the key considerations in planning, co-existence, training, and transition in great detail to provide a cost effective and efficient solution. Let Novizant take care of all your legacy application migration needs.


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